One-week camps for children under 18, from Monday to Friday, during all weekdays of the school holidays beginning at 9:00 am in the morning and 13:45 in the afternoon.

And all this starting CHF 150.- (instead of CHF 550.-).

How does it work?

Camps are in groups of 6-8 people per boat. Everyone has 25min to wakeboard each day. On the first day, you have to come 15 minutes in advance to complete the registration. Just take a swimsuit and a towel. All the wakeboard equipment and wetsuits is included. If bad weather prevents us from wakeboarding, we offer tubing instead. Depending on the number of people actually on the boat, the course can end in advance, however we do an activity in all cases with the children until 11am for the morning classes and 3:30 pm for the afternoon classes. The camps are in French, but it is also possible that they are done in english (translated in French), because we engage from time to time MASTERCOACHES internationally renowned during the summer.


  • FUN: with this option the child makes one more round of buoy and is supervised between 11h and 12h30 in the morning and in the afternoon between 15h30 and 17h30. We strongly advise you for busy moms who have children under 12 years of age, unaccompanied by a big brother or a buddy. Because it is possible that if the course is not complete, that it finishes already at 15:30.
  • REPAS DE MIDI: 5 meals included: 1 drink + 1 meal. Each day they will have a different meal: Pasta, Pizzas, Paninni, Hamburger

Camps are not reimbursed either because of bad weather or because of an accident of the trainee (even on presentation of a medical certificate).

More information about the prices.


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