This year we have a new formula for parents who work all day: 2 complementary camps for a unique WAKE experience!
The course lasts all day from 9am to 5.30pm. It's a combination of a WAKEBOARD DAYS camp in the morning and a WAKE & FUN camp in the afternoon.
In the morning your child goes on a regular WAKEBOARD DAYS camp with our high-end boats and leaves for a little ride with other children in the small lake of the lake Geneva. He will do wakeboarding.
In the afternoon, he will do a WAKE & FUN camp, Wakecable and Tubing is on the program. The kids love it !!!!
It will also be able to do some slack-line on our area specially arranged for this purpose in order to train his balance.


Then do the LOGIN and go under "BUY", and follow the following procedure:

  1. BUY a WAKEBOARD DAYS camp in the morning and choose the MEAL option
  2. BUY a WAKE & FUN camp in the afternoon
  3. If you are a working or a very busy parent and want to pick up the children only at 5:30 pm, take the FUN option. We will also do an extra activity.

Thanks to our sponsors